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Elementary, My Dear Sheppard 'verse 1-4 [WIP]


4 of 8 parts have been podficced as of May 2022:
Far From Elementary - reader SherlockianSyndromes
Keeping Mum - reader nagi_blue (nagi_schwarz)
Autumn Thaw - reader SherlockianSyndromes
Well-Timed Distraction - reader nagi_blue (nagi_schwarz)

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cover art by SherlockianSyndromes

Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology VI

kōdo giasu: hangyaku no rurūshu | code geass: lelouch of the rebellion, doragon bōru | dragon ball, hagane no renkinjutsushi | fullmetal alchemist, shin kidō senki gandamu wingu | mobile suit gundam wing, naruto, bishōjo senshi sērāmūn | pretty guardian sailor moon, seirei no moribito | moribito: guardian of the spirit, fantastic four, marvel universe, saga (comics), dragon age 2, dragon age: inquisition, final fantasy x series, legend of zelda: twilight princess, monument valley, incryptid series, tortall universe, discworld, chronicles of narnia, harry potter, jonathan strange and mr. norrell, mageworlds, mortal instruments, october daye series, rivers of london, song of ice and fire, vorkosigan saga, warm bodies, egyptian mythology, greek mythology, how to train your dragon, star wars: the clone wars, batman (nolan 'verse), jurassic park (movies), mad max series, marvel cinematic universe, mummy series (1999 - 2008), st. trinian's, star wars: original trilogy, star wars: sequel trilogy, ancient egyptian rpf, avatar: the last airbender, steven universe, 100, 49 days, angel the series, ashes to ashes, babylon 5, boy meets world, buffy the vampire slayer, criminal minds, doctor who, torchwood, elementary, firefly, fringe, gilmore girls, leverage, agent carter (tv), merlin, penny dreadful, sherlock, sleepy hollow (tv), smallville, star trek: the original series, stargate atlantis, supergirl, supernatural, teen wolf, veronica mars, warehouse 13, les misérables, much ado about nothing

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Leave, Taking, Tea and Bitching, Inferior Empires, You'll meet me halfway, do you fall in love too easily?, Angharad, L is for the way you look at me (like you kind of definitely know i’m a witch), Of Longing In Libraries, No link for "The Club", Young-Wandering-Time, Hide and Find, endless itch, Tea with Ami, Innocence Lost, Translations for Broken and for Breaking Out, Twinkle Twinkle, Images of Broken Light, Prepare, Sealed with a kiss , The Love of Money, Tact, As Natural As Breathing, Again, Pilot, Airs and Graces, Annabelle Fritton: Headmistress?, Runs in the Family, First Communion, The Spy Always Gets the Girl, Hail the conflict resolution that occurs in the kitchen!, Filibuster Lady and the Shoes of Justice, Trapped, Friend-Fiction, Gain and Loss, And You Thought the Lions Were Bad, Capable, Beloved of Ma'at, all the victory she needs, Darcy Lewis Vs. The Tabloids, In the Vast Architecture of Time, Pearl's Everything, Coffee Morning, Starless Night, Working With You, vaster than empires, and more slow, Before the Fall, Power Struggle, with you by my side, Bake until golden , the brief curve of her lips, Toast, Sleepless in SHIELD, Tea and Conquest, Winter, What Susan Forgot, Flowers in a Time of War, All-Nighter, Rahmbo, An Unexpected Meeting, My Beloved Snake, And Said Unto Me, Knowing the Ropes, Can’t Out-Troll a Troll, the Dag, Bedfellows, Best Kept Secrets, Pond and River, Gemini, the voice of your eyes, With Focus, Fine, In Which Itachi is a Baby With Back Problems and Sakura is Very Awkward, A Quiet Night, Tickly Me Ink, I light my own fires now, Vivat Regina, For Every King That Died, Kisses In The Dark, Behind the Wallpaper, her calculated grace, Can't Pin Me Down, Restorative Draughts, One of Oak and the Other, Linden, Tea Parties, Lady Vorkosigan's Manor, As The Trees Love Water, The Wolf Queen and the Perfect Knight, Balancing the books, Sweat Saves Blood, A Lonely Company, Drag Me To Heaven, Across the Sands, Literacy, Creatures, Someone Your Own Size, The Things You Learn from Your Mother, Longest Night, Proper Relaxation, Cheedo, Best Served Cold, Thieving Princess, memory's grandniece, so much to see, Lucky Helmet, In the Twilight Kingdom, Lost as a Light is Lost in Light, Blood, Sweat and Tears, To Towered Camelot, Field Trip

cover art by bessyboo

Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V

naruto, bishōjo senshi sērāmūn | pretty guardian sailor moon, shōjo kakumei utena | revolutionary girl utena, kyūketsu yūgi | vampire game, welcome to night vale, check please!, dc universe, avengers (comic), captain america (comic), ms. marvel, young avengers, final fantasy vii, mass effect, hobbit, lord of the rings, silmarillion, all works: tamora pierce, discworld, bluebeard, sleeping beauty, harry potter, liaden universe, rivers of london, vorkosigan saga, greek mythology, roman mythology, fanworks, frozen, lilo & stitch, addams family, chicago, empire records, fast and the furious (movies), marvel cinematic universe, guardians of the galaxy (movies), iron man (movies), mummy series (1999 - 2008), penelope, snowpiercer, social network, star trek (alternate original series movies), sucker punch, x-men (movies), mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance, nicki minaj, taylor swift, female hockey players, american actor rpf, avatar: legend of korra, avatar: the last airbender, avengers: earth's mightiest heroes, addams family (1964), angel the series, arrow, brooklyn nine-nine, buffy the vampire slayer, carmilla (web series), criminal minds, doctor who, elementary, fargo, firefly, fringe, game of thrones, glee, good wife, gotham, hawaii five-0, leverage, agent carter (tv), agents of s.h.i.e.l.d, merlin, middleman, musketeers, nothing much to do, sherlock, sleepy hollow (tv), smallville, star trek: deep space nine, starsky & hutch, supernatural, teen wolf, les misérables, hamlet
aelliana caylon/daav yos'phelium, aerith gainsborough/tifa lockhart, alicia florrick/kalinda sharma, america chavez/kate bishop, amy nevins/parker, anne of austria/constance bonacieux, astrid farnsworth/astrid farsnworth, bobbi morse/jemma simmons, betty ross/bruce banner, cersei lannister/jaime lannister, combeferre/éponine thénardier, bernie rosenthal/connie ferrari, darla/saffron, darres/ishtar, delia of eldorne/josiane rittevon, eowyn/faramir, evy carnahan o'connell/rick o'connell, faceless old woman/old woman josie, female shepard/garrus vakarian, female shepard/tali'zorah nar rayya, floyd lawton/harleen quinzel, galadriel/nimrodel, genevieve lacasse/shannon szabados, goldberry/tom bombadil, gomez addams/morticia addams, arthur pendragon/guinevere 'gwen', freya/guinevere 'gwen', guinevere 'gwen'/gwaine, guinevere 'gwen'/lancelot, guinevere 'gwen'/merlin, guinevere 'gwen'/mithian, guinevere 'gwen'/morgana le fay, harry potter/severus snape, hyuuga hinata/hyuuga neji, irene adler/kate, irene adler/molly hooper, jadzia dax/kira nerys, james 'bucky' barnes/natasha romanoff, jamie moriarty/joan watson, jane foster/jemma simmons, jane foster/thor, janine hawkins/mary morstan, jennifer lawrence/taylor swift, johnny martin/penelope wilhern, karlie kloss/taylor swift, konan/tsunade, jamia nestor iero/lindsey 'lyn-z' ballato way, loki/sif, ginny weasley/luna lovegood, maladict/polly perks, martha jones/romana, melinda may/sara lance, mary morstan/molly hooper, general nhuan/mystique, nicki minaj/taylor swift, angie martinelli/peggy carter, peggy carter/steve rogers, jj jareau/penelope garcia, natasha romanoff/pepper potts, pepper potts/tony stark, cersei lannister/robert barethon, amy santiago/rosa diaz, female shepard/samara, ivy pepper/selina kyle, john watson/sherlock holmes, remus lupin/sirius black, jennifer walters/steve rogers, natasha romanoff/steve rogers, suki/ty lee, kaiou michiru/tenoh haruka, mama morton/velma kelly, erica reyes/vernon boyd, ryder lynn/wade 'unique' adams, haruno sakura/yamanaka ino
akamine_chan|author, alasse_irena|author, alixtii|author, amaresu|author, angelsaves|author, arsenicjade|author, artist_artists|author, askerian/asuka kureru|author, bessemerprocess|author, betty|author, bootsnblossoms|author, callunavulgari|author, canistakahari|author, cantarina|author, carmarthen|author, chokolattejedi|author, cosmic_llin|author, crookedspoon|author, dapatty|author, darthjamtart|author, didoxidate|author, divinesquishy|author, ebyru|author, edenfalling|author, emmypenny|author, eternal_love_song|author, false_alexis|author, foxinthestars|author, freshbrains|author, fresne|author, gaby dunn|author, goddessofcruelty|author, gorgeousnerd|author, grim_lupine|author, growlery|author, hapakitsune|author, havocthecat|author, holyfant|author, hsavinien|author, ifitgivesyoujoy|author, impertinence|author, inkjunket|author, isloremipsumafterall|author, i_claudia|author, jedusaur|author, jenwryn|author, johnamendall|author, kathryne|author, keerawa|author, ladysisyphus|author, lady_ragnell|author, laventadorn|author, laylah|author, mardia|author, mercurie|author, merfilly|author, michi_thekiller|author, misura|author, morbane|author, moriann|author, musesfool|author, musyc|author, navaan|author, netgirl_y2k|author, neurotoxia|author, niki|author, originally|author, (orphan_account)|author, overtureenvelops|author, paperclipbitch|author, perpetual motion|author, poetry|author, port|author, quinndolynn|author, red-russian|author, rensong|author, rivers bend|author, russian_blue|author, samyazaz|author, scintilla10|author, settiai|author, silverfoxflower|author, raven (singlecrow)|author, skieswideopen|author, snickfic|author, socchan|author, sophiegrace|author, srin|author, storiesfortravellers|author, such_heights|author, teaotter|author, the_dancing_walrus|author, thingswithwings|author, thistlerose|author, tielan|author, tozette|author, trisb|author, tsukinofaerii|author, twisted_slinky|author, vassalady|author, vera|author, verlaine|author, verymorstan|author, violsva|author, vulgarweed|author, xenoamorist|author, zoebug|author, zolac_no_miko|author, zvi|author

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read or comment on text versions: Budget Request Denied, Eldest, The Second Time Around, I Have Heard of Your Paintings Well Enough, Attack Rock, Allegiances, Upon the River, Shut Up and Drive, A (Quite Exceptional) Day in the Life of Amy Santiago, Future Captain, Girls Don't Count, all your heart-melodies, Razor-Blade Smile, Comparative Climatology, Lifer, sweet and steady hearts, Sick Day, Momentary Thing, Decision, that's the spirit, I Wanna Yule Ball with Somebody, Cotton, First Step, Passing Time, Saving Ms. Blake, Six Degrees, True Believers, seven cities ago., Mother Bear, Chosen, Howl, The Bechdel Test, when i was giggling and dizzy, flirting like a 12 year old girl, The Injurious Internet Meme Incursion , A Beautiful Blue, Real, we can be heroes, The One-Way Door, soft-serve ice-cream, The Mechanic, The Tree and the Math Teacher, Choices Made, Everybody's Looking for Something, Blood Sacrifice, Peggy & The Reds, Dead Radio, Losing Count, Ectoparasitism, in her own defence, In Bloom, the feelings themselves, Weaponized Baked Goods, On the Metatextual Flirtation Styles of Alien Women, Mirror, One Less Lock to Pick, The Shiver of Sacredness , Prelude, If You See Something -- Say Nothing, if you catch me eating eyeballs, Building On That Momentum, (Not) Afraid, i lost you in the stars (and i found you in the street), The Tunnel, pulling your disguise up, in the kitchen, Hear My Cry, Not Long Hidden, Safe Bet, A Lion Among Ladies, Sirens, Droushnakovi’s Errand, the Other Law we live by, Gentle Fist, All Mixed Up, High Wire, but i know i'm never gonna get you back again, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, The Long Game, the woman at the bar in the long blue dress, In a World Kept Small, Secret Feminine Cabal, Could Not Travel Both (The Gotham Remix), Important Shopping Decisions, The Almost Last of the Time Lords Benevolent Society, ‘A‘ole Maopopo, The Never-ending Road - Chapter 31, Girl Time, Goldberry's Song, Three Sports in One Day, I like my girls like my women, 'Til You Make It, Hell Hath No Fury like the Ladies of the Avengers Scorned (So Don't Mess With Them), danger in the overlooked, to listen and be heard, Queen of Waters, Meta on Myrtle, Do What You Want, Always, Daughters of Laketown, I will fill your eyes with flowers, Infinity: Waves, there Death will not find me, to the corner of your life, don't let me bleed, Wanna Hold Your Hand, In Which Diplomacy Is Very Important, Weak, Into the Swamp, This is Not an After-Action Review, Blue And Blooming, The Same Sort of Hero, Learned Arts, The Daughters of Stone, Get a little starstruck and a little insane, names like blood on your lips, Forks, Singapore Sling, what to leave for poison, Out of Thin Air, Bracelet, Home, Orthopedic bodyswap, The Ghost of a Detective, Virtue Under Fire, TMH, Where You Are, Lady of The Two Lands, A Placement This Painful, Ghost in the Machine, Sky bound, Transmigration, save the last dance, Stealing Pandora, For a Thousand Summers, Practice, a carefully laid-out plan, Louve, Angel's Rules For Flying.
cover art by bessyboo

Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology IV

abluestocking|author, absedarian|author, adaptationdecay|author, akamine_chan|author, alba17|author, alreadystardust|author, ambyr|author, arbryna|author, arsenicjade|author, attila|author, black-eyedgirl|author, boosette|author, brigantine1|author, carawj|author, cofax|author, coffeebuddha|author, cosmic_llin|author, czigany|author, dapatty|author, dollsome|author, egelantier|author, elliemurasaki|author, epiphanyx7|author, exmanhater|author, finesharp|author, gloriamundi|author, growlery|author, halfeatenmoon|author, havocthecat|author, heart_nouveau|author, icarus_chained|author, idhren|author, impertinence|author, innie darling|author, iridescentglow|author, jedusaur|author, jesterlady|author, kitsune heart|author, lacewood|author, lassarina|author, lc2l|author, lizbee|author, lolafeist|author, lost_spook|author, lovepeaceohana|author, mad poetess|author, mardia|author, medie|author, mercuriewords|author, minkhollow|author, mizzy|author, moonblossom|author, musesfool|author, neferit|author, neveralarch|author, nonisland|author, opalmatrix|author, pendrecarc|author, postcardmystery|author, queenklu|author, raven_aorla|author, renquise|author, reyka_sivao|author, rokeon|author, copperbadge|author, sg1samfan|author, siddals|author, sineala|author, siria/siriaeve|author, sister_wolf|author, sophinisba|author, sparrowinsky|author, starbolin|author, such_heights|author, surexit|author, sweetjamielee|author, synecdoche|author, thesoliloquy|author, the_wordbutler|author, thingswithwings|author, thistlerose|author, thrace|author, tigriswolf|author, tilia_cordata|author, tree_and_leaf|author, unoriginal_liz|author, verity|author, via_ostiense|author, wanderlustlover|author, zeen|author

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read or comment on text versions: A Child of Our Time; A flash of wild creatures; A Flock of Angels; A Heart at My Command; A Murmur. A Rumble.; A Strange and Lovely Sound; a sunrise which was to put out all the stars; Affinities of Organic Beings; Afternoon Tea; Aftertaste; All in a (sexy) day's work; all my old haunts (are now haunting me); all your heart-melodies; Amends; And Footfalls and Soldiers and Dolls; Animaux prédateurs; At Tilde; Authority Figure; Breadcrumbs; But Never Too Much; Creepy Muffin Basket; Daughter of the Ocean; Different People; Distractions; Dragon Lady; Dress for Success; Each One for Her Own; Each World of Blood is Made; Electric; Enthusiastic Consent; Falling Leaves of Red and Gold; First Blood; Five More Minutes; Five Ways River Tam Left Serenity; Friday; Heat Strategies; Herself; High Priestess; I Will Be Right Here; If You Fall(I Fall Harder); Imbricate; Jasmine's Nemesis; Just a Little Breaking In for Breakfast; Know and Be Known; Ladies Night; Lamp post; Learn the Ropes; Learned Art; Like Blue Stones; Living a Bangles Song; Monochrome; Mother-Tongue; never meant to say goodbye; New Discoveries in Plastic; Nine Voices, and The Search for a Tenth; No More (Or, the Very Touching Story of How Pepper Potts Absolutely Didn't Break Tony Stark's Heart); Nocturne Andante; not a smiling god; On the Importance of Sorting Laundry; One-sided; Our Wounds and Our Healing; Papayas; Partners In Crime (And Jam); perks of the job; Pink; Power Struggle; Reactionary, Chapter 3: Like Mother, Like Daughter; Remaining; Restoration Projects; Second Fiddle; Second Thought (no text available); she sees dead people (but you gotta make an appointment); she's got the moon in her eyes; shine it all around; Singed; So We Meet At Last; spacing of the spheres; stars from my eyes; still frames in your mind; Stories; Storm; summer haze; tail ridin' and i know it's true; Textbook Example; The Memories She Carries; The Stag Queen; The Way It Is Now; The Withering of the Boughs; There are Many Names in History; There Can Be Only One (Except There Are Two); There's Another Dance; this crown of thorns; This Fantastic Life; this is the part of me (that you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no); This is the sea; this little hand (in yours); Three Heads of Cerberus; three kisses; touch the ground and climb to the sky; Turning Circles; Two Weeks Notice; Victrix; we're anything but unremarkable; What is built endures; where you go, I go; wishing on a star; You Miss the Point; Your Skin Like a Canvas
cover art by bessyboo

Brick Podfic Anthology March 2014: fanfic and excerpts from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Valiant Tales

A Peck on the Lips 3 [anthology]


Violent amoral unicorn of justice gets knocked up


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cover art by Cath

A Peck On The Lips II [anthology]


The New Fandom Collection - Amplificathon 2011


17 files - all but two of the podfics - have been restored and are in the files below.
The missing ones are:
The Work of Chemists read by springgreen
Wedding Couplet read by terajk

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comment to the podficcers or text versions via the post links: Pavlov's Dog is Chasing Schrodinger's Cat, Can You Hear Me Now?, Lay Where You're Laying: I Know They're Watching, Other Kinds of Men, Mr. Bean has the ATA Gene, A New Recipe, The Work of Chemists, Knitted Goods, Bounders, Mustard Seed, Roads Left In Both of Our Shoes, Magic Dance, Suffer, Spasm, Strain, Rewind, The Next Birthday, experimental procedure, Wedding Couplet, A Hitch In Your Giddy-Up, Inner (Non) Sense, Säg inte nej [swedish]

Idol: An AI Podfic Anthology AKA The Sooper Sekrit Paraka Podfic Projekt


The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II [anthology]

alixtii|author, allfireburns|author, amaresu|author, ana_grrl|author, annemari|author, anythingbutgrey|author, aragons|author, arsenicjade|author, banthafodder|author, beckyh2112|author, bessemerprocess|author, bewarethesmirk|author, black-eyedgirl|author, boosette|author, bossymarmelade|author, bridget mckennitt|author, brutti_ma_buoni|author, buriedbooks|author, carmarthen|author, celtic_cookie|author, clocketpatch|author, dollsome|author, eastdisease|author, edwardina|author, elizabeth perry|author, empressearwig|author, escritoireazul|author, esmenet|author, fitz_y|author, fresne|author, gatty|author, glinda|author, gogirl212|author, icicleair|author, idren|author, ifonlynotnever|author, igrockspock|author, impertinence|author, indigostohelit|author, jelazakazone|author, jessicaqueen|author, kass|author, kel|author, lalejandra|author, likewinning|author, listedheart|author, ljc|author, lorelaisquared|author, lullabymoon|author, lunabee34|author, luna_puella|author, luzula|author, marks|author, mary_flanner|author, minkhollow|author, miotasachsaol|author, moirariordan/jaegermighty|author, moogle62|author, musesfool|author, netgirl_y2k|author, novembersmith|author, openended|author, penny_lane_42|author, peskywhistpaw|author, philomytha|author, pprfaith|author, rivers bend|author, rubynye|author, samescenes|author, scintilla10|author, smilingsoprano|author, sophinisba|author, sour_idealist|author, starduchess|author, such_heights|author, summerstorm|author, terajk|author, thingswithwings|author, torigates|author, trascendenza|author, tristesses|author, vilakins|author, what_larks|author, woldy|author, xenoamorist|author, yeats|author

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read or comment on text versions: 25th Hour; A Grand Gesture Involving Piranhas; Academy; Always; and did you tell billy you loved him? did you say, 'billy, i love you'?; And Into the Clear; Background Check; Breath; burns on my fingers; Clash of the Titans; Come Back and Haunt Me; Conspicuos; Contretemps; Cookies and Conversations; Cora; cracks are where the light gets in; Decorating with Mischief; Evening Beauty; Every Moment Matters; Five Time Lords Donna Noble Slapped; Four Times Parker Got Away from Veronica, and One Time She Didn't; Gateway; Good With Her Hands; Hands; hello darling; her name is eve; How We've Grown; I Ache Myself for More; If This Is A Family Reunion, I Wasn't Invited; if this is a joke, i'm not laughing; Igraine Begs; It's About This; It's Common, But We Don't Talk About It; it's my heart, not me, who cannot drive; Just Listen; Just Words on a Page; Justice; Lift Her, Pull Her From the Orchids; Light a Candle in the Darkness; Like This; Live A Little, Die A Little; Mischief, Shenanigans, and Hijinks of All Sorts; Music of the Morning; my smile can distract you; next time duck; Not-Idols and Admiration; oceans never listen to us anyway; Of Thoughts and Waiting; One Day Without Hindrance; Opportunities; Oral Traditions; Our Backwards Walk; peer/pressure (points); Pit Stop; Plans; Polaris; Pomegranate Seeds; Prove Them Wrong; Recuperation; Remade; Returning to the Deep; Risk Assessment; Rittevon Shoes; She gets them Home; She Won't Confess; Silk and Dust; Slayer Slain Slay: Poem VIII; So You Caused a Potentially Life-Altering Paradox; Steel; Tales and Legends; The Beginning or Middlish Part of a Harry Potter Publishing AU; The Fall of Rome; The Girly Arts; The Mad Ones; The Moon and the Ocean; The Rebirth of Hope; The Trains Stop for You and So Do the Boys When You Run Your Fingers through Your Hair (And I Am Gonna Drink Your Blood); The Uncanny Mrs Hudson; This Heart is a Stone; Things With Feathers (no text link); This is Not a Short History of Feminism (It Isn’t Over Yet); this is why; Three Windows; Turned Me To The Sky; Two Worlds; untitled [abby sciuto-centric]; untitled [coat]; untitled [fire and passion]; untitled [Inara at a bar]; untitled [just a small-town girl]; untitled [Lay Me Out in Lame]; Valerie for forgetfulness; Verdant Power; Vivian Finds Love; Waffles and Lemonade; Watch Me Flying; We Ride In; What Do You Come Home To?; Wheatstalk of Infinite Light; Women's Work; Wouldn't, Would; Yet; (you don't know) I'm a Rager; you know I have no vacancy, and it's awfully cold outside tonight; You Will Move Mountains
cover art by bessyboo

A Peck on the Lips [anthology]

Old Spice Kink Meme Anthology

Elementary!verse Anthology


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Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology


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read or comment on text versions: A Medley of Passion and Joy, A Perfect Haircut Every Day, After all these years , all the work, American Girls, And Take Your Money, Anon The Bright Hyperion, Art is a lie, Asking Alice, Astronauts, Balance, Balance, Be So Less Fragile, because you listen, Blow me Bluebell Bubbles, bones break, not hearts, but aye we dream, But I've watched you take your make-up off, Damnation!, Endangered Species, Equilibrated, Eva, out on the floor, Ever After, Fragile, Girl Stuff, Hold On, Hope It Gives You Hell, Hot Child in the City, i live by science alone, I'd Assume The Worst, Too, I'll open the door to heaven or hell, In Riddles And Sums,inscrutable, it all makes sense in the end, Joint Mission to Aessuma (The one with shiny rocks), let go in small doses, Life Comes in a Rush, Like father, like daughter, Me without you is less than none, My story is not like yours, National Population is Endemic To That Nation's Social Status, Not Waiting Around, Out of Orbit, Prisoner's Dilemma, put another dime in, Rebellion, Risk-Taking, self-esteem is good for you, songs for fighters and sometimes dreamers, steadily, Strength to Strength, Sugar, we're going down, Synch, The diner at the end of the universe, the fine art of compromise, the girl who drinks tea with the devil, there'll be peace..., they don't make flak jackets your size, Things Fall Apart, things my heart used to know, Think Fast, This is a trap, to make peace (and the bed), to the other side, Trust, Two, and you're soaring, untitled, Vive La Conditioner!, Walked in on a plan, What It Means To Me, When the Lights Go Out, you counting on my failure made me live, Youth Is Fleeting - Vigour Is Not

cover art by aneas