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NOTE: We have restored all of the missing files that were recovered through the original project. Now we just need to find the last 778 files from the original 5029 that are missing. The latest spreadsheet can be found here. Please help if you can! And major kudos to everyone for helping out in our first round!!

So, podfic. Fanfic, read aloud.

Everything in this archive is posted with the creator's permission. If you enjoy a podfic, please use the comment to podficcer link in the entry to give feedback!

To find podfics, please use the main menu at the top of the page. Or use search to find specific stories. All files are in mp3 format, and many are additionally available in other file formats, including m4b. Everything is uploaded in .zip form for ease of download, and anything recently posted should have a streamable option (except for some multiple-MP3 works).

To submit podfics, use this form.

Be aware that many (possibly most) of these files contain mature content. Check the text link to the story before you try to listen at work without headphones. Unless you have a very open-minded workplace.