About Mature Content

The choice to rate a story is the purview of the author of that story. Once they have chosen to apply a rating, which rating system they use and how they interpret those ratings are up to them. I do not believe that I have any authority to make those judgments.

If you are concerned about mature content, I recommend visiting the text version of the story first. Often (though not always) there are headers with warnings and other information. If you don't find such things there, and are still leery of risking a story with content that is not to your tastes, you may wish to use the comment to the author link within the archive entry to ask them, or you may wish to google to find recs and reviews of the story, if any exist (I recommend a search consisting of author name, fandom, and the title of the story in quotes.)

I do not pick and choose through extant podfic to find files that qualify for this archive - in fact, I make every effort to be inclusive of everything. Diversity of content and interest is a positive thing. Not everything here will be to your taste, and that reflection of our own fannish variations is something to enjoy, not revile. You are in control of your online experience. Please take responsibility for that, and enjoy the power to use your browser's back button.