Pairing: combeferre/éponine thénardier

Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V

naruto, bishōjo senshi sērāmūn | pretty guardian sailor moon, shōjo kakumei utena | revolutionary girl utena, kyūketsu yūgi | vampire game, welcome to night vale, check please!, dc universe, avengers (comic), captain america (comic), ms. marvel, young avengers, final fantasy vii, mass effect, hobbit, lord of the rings, silmarillion, all works: tamora pierce, discworld, bluebeard, sleeping beauty, harry potter, liaden universe, rivers of london, vorkosigan saga, greek mythology, roman mythology, fanworks, frozen, lilo & stitch, addams family, chicago, empire records, fast and the furious (movies), marvel cinematic universe, guardians of the galaxy (movies), iron man (movies), mummy series (1999 - 2008), penelope, snowpiercer, social network, star trek (alternate original series movies), sucker punch, x-men (movies), mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance, nicki minaj, taylor swift, female hockey players, american actor rpf, avatar: legend of korra, avatar: the last airbender, avengers: earth's mightiest heroes, addams family (1964), angel the series, arrow, brooklyn nine-nine, buffy the vampire slayer, carmilla (web series), criminal minds, doctor who, elementary, fargo, firefly, fringe, game of thrones, glee, good wife, gotham, hawaii five-0, leverage, agent carter (tv), agents of s.h.i.e.l.d, merlin, middleman, musketeers, nothing much to do, sherlock, sleepy hollow (tv), smallville, star trek: deep space nine, starsky & hutch, supernatural, teen wolf, les misérables, hamlet
aelliana caylon/daav yos'phelium, aerith gainsborough/tifa lockhart, alicia florrick/kalinda sharma, america chavez/kate bishop, amy nevins/parker, anne of austria/constance bonacieux, astrid farnsworth/astrid farsnworth, bobbi morse/jemma simmons, betty ross/bruce banner, cersei lannister/jaime lannister, combeferre/éponine thénardier, bernie rosenthal/connie ferrari, darla/saffron, darres/ishtar, delia of eldorne/josiane rittevon, eowyn/faramir, evy carnahan o'connell/rick o'connell, faceless old woman/old woman josie, female shepard/garrus vakarian, female shepard/tali'zorah nar rayya, floyd lawton/harleen quinzel, galadriel/nimrodel, genevieve lacasse/shannon szabados, goldberry/tom bombadil, gomez addams/morticia addams, arthur pendragon/guinevere 'gwen', freya/guinevere 'gwen', guinevere 'gwen'/gwaine, guinevere 'gwen'/lancelot, guinevere 'gwen'/merlin, guinevere 'gwen'/mithian, guinevere 'gwen'/morgana le fay, harry potter/severus snape, hyuuga hinata/hyuuga neji, irene adler/kate, irene adler/molly hooper, jadzia dax/kira nerys, james 'bucky' barnes/natasha romanoff, jamie moriarty/joan watson, jane foster/jemma simmons, jane foster/thor, janine hawkins/mary morstan, jennifer lawrence/taylor swift, johnny martin/penelope wilhern, karlie kloss/taylor swift, konan/tsunade, jamia nestor iero/lindsey 'lyn-z' ballato way, loki/sif, ginny weasley/luna lovegood, maladict/polly perks, martha jones/romana, melinda may/sara lance, mary morstan/molly hooper, general nhuan/mystique, nicki minaj/taylor swift, angie martinelli/peggy carter, peggy carter/steve rogers, jj jareau/penelope garcia, natasha romanoff/pepper potts, pepper potts/tony stark, cersei lannister/robert barethon, amy santiago/rosa diaz, female shepard/samara, ivy pepper/selina kyle, john watson/sherlock holmes, remus lupin/sirius black, jennifer walters/steve rogers, natasha romanoff/steve rogers, suki/ty lee, kaiou michiru/tenoh haruka, mama morton/velma kelly, erica reyes/vernon boyd, ryder lynn/wade 'unique' adams, haruno sakura/yamanaka ino
akamine_chan|author, alasse_irena|author, alixtii|author, amaresu|author, angelsaves|author, arsenicjade|author, artist_artists|author, askerian/asuka kureru|author, bessemerprocess|author, betty|author, bootsnblossoms|author, callunavulgari|author, canistakahari|author, cantarina|author, carmarthen|author, chokolattejedi|author, cosmic_llin|author, crookedspoon|author, dapatty|author, darthjamtart|author, didoxidate|author, divinesquishy|author, ebyru|author, edenfalling|author, emmypenny|author, eternal_love_song|author, false_alexis|author, foxinthestars|author, freshbrains|author, fresne|author, gaby dunn|author, goddessofcruelty|author, gorgeousnerd|author, grim_lupine|author, growlery|author, hapakitsune|author, havocthecat|author, holyfant|author, hsavinien|author, ifitgivesyoujoy|author, impertinence|author, inkjunket|author, isloremipsumafterall|author, i_claudia|author, jedusaur|author, jenwryn|author, johnamendall|author, kathryne|author, keerawa|author, ladysisyphus|author, lady_ragnell|author, laventadorn|author, laylah|author, mardia|author, mercurie|author, merfilly|author, michi_thekiller|author, misura|author, morbane|author, moriann|author, musesfool|author, musyc|author, navaan|author, netgirl_y2k|author, neurotoxia|author, niki|author, originally|author, (orphan_account)|author, overtureenvelops|author, paperclipbitch|author, perpetual motion|author, poetry|author, port|author, quinndolynn|author, red-russian|author, rensong|author, rivers bend|author, russian_blue|author, samyazaz|author, scintilla10|author, settiai|author, silverfoxflower|author, raven (singlecrow)|author, skieswideopen|author, snickfic|author, socchan|author, sophiegrace|author, srin|author, storiesfortravellers|author, such_heights|author, teaotter|author, the_dancing_walrus|author, thingswithwings|author, thistlerose|author, tielan|author, tozette|author, trisb|author, tsukinofaerii|author, twisted_slinky|author, vassalady|author, vera|author, verlaine|author, verymorstan|author, violsva|author, vulgarweed|author, xenoamorist|author, zoebug|author, zolac_no_miko|author, zvi|author

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cover art by bessyboo