Author: rina|author

The New Fandom Collection - Amplificathon 2011


17 files - all but two of the podfics - have been restored and are in the files below.
The missing ones are:
The Work of Chemists read by springgreen
Wedding Couplet read by terajk

stream mp3: here [171 MB, 07:55:04]
download as a single mp3: here [164 MB, 07:55:04]
download as zipped separate mp3s: here [172 MB, 07:55:04]
download as a single m4b: here [155 MB, 07:55:04]

comment to the podficcers or text versions via the post links: Pavlov's Dog is Chasing Schrodinger's Cat, Can You Hear Me Now?, Lay Where You're Laying: I Know They're Watching, Other Kinds of Men, Mr. Bean has the ATA Gene, A New Recipe, The Work of Chemists, Knitted Goods, Bounders, Mustard Seed, Roads Left In Both of Our Shoes, Magic Dance, Suffer, Spasm, Strain, Rewind, The Next Birthday, experimental procedure, Wedding Couplet, A Hitch In Your Giddy-Up, Inner (Non) Sense, Säg inte nej [swedish]