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Fair Trade Complete Verse


Complete Verse Anthology:
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cover art by esteefee & chkc
audiobook compiled by cybel

Individual Stories: (not all of the podficced stories were posted to the Archive, but each is available at esteefee's series on AO3, and all are in the Anthology, as above.)
download mp3: Fair Trade [103 MB, 01:52:58]
download mp3: Fairly Competent [1 MB, 00:01:27]
download mp3: Old and New [7 MB, 00:07:48]
download mp3: Möbius [162 MB, 03:46:24]
download mp3: Infinity Cubed [19 MB, 00:20:29]
download mp3: A Smarter Tradition [8 MB, 00:08:22]
download mp3: Chess Game Sniplet [1 MB, 00:02:01]
download mp3: Bean by Bean [6 MB, 00:05:58]

And Be One Traveler

Amplificathon 2008 New Fandoms Collection [anthology]


The anthology is incomplete: Out of the 21 works that qualified for the "New Fandoms Collection" of the Amplificathon 2008, one was never submitted to the archive, and four others are still missing from the archive.

Not included in this anthology are: Glass Heart, Something Like Star-crossed, If, then, Pushover, it's called a senior moment

Streaming links for the remaining 16 podfics can be found in the individual archive posts.

download mp3: here [216 MB, 03:53:24]
download m4b: here [182 MB, 03:53:24]

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read or comment on text versions: his watson, is that code?, six months on, making up is hard to do, what is and what never should be, the eagle conspiracy, jeeves has a theory, the secret tapes of dale cooper, letters from the northern continent, plane ride home, flowers of the forest, living a fantasy, dark justice, plating a quiet dish, tango for three, strangers in a strange land