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The rest of the Woobie 'verse


The next 13 stories, collated into one file:
2. A Promise Made
3. A Perfect Happiness
4. Facts of Life
5. A Woobie Conversation
6. Surprises
7. Drawing a Line
8. Watching the Parade Go By
9. United
10. Changing Traditions
11. Finding Joy
12. Drifting Through
13. A Late Afternoon in the Neighborhood
14. An Evening in Atlantis

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Let's Play

Chicago's Most Wanted (bessyboo & moonling)


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Principal readers bessyboo and Moonling. Additional voice talent by RevolutionaryJo, paraka, lunate8, sly, queelez, and war_kitten.

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Twice A Week, For A Year


Ball and Chain (of Fools)