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A Farm in Iowa 'verse - compiled


The list below is in the order of the 47-part fic series. It's been compiled into 20 podfic parts. There are still a few small ones for technical reasons.

stream mp3: A Farm in Iowa 27 MB, 00:57:34]
stream mp3: Rodney's Perspective & A Stillness So Right & A Little Outdoor Music [11 MB, 00:23:14]
stream mp3: And Then There Was Finn [19 MB, 00:39:27]
stream mp3: Toilet Paper, Tylenol, and the Geneva Convention & Stairs & Of 2am Feeds and Much Deprivation [6 MB, 00:11:33]
stream mp3: These Men Who Have Flown [43 MB, 01:30:52]
stream mp3: Baffa Day [6 MB, 00:12:12]
stream mp3: Skies to Conquer, Gave Us Wings [52 MB, 01:50:15]
stream mp3: EX-DERMY-ATE & Untitled & The Christmas Shenanigans of Finn McKay & Dancing & Fall [11 MB, 00:22:52]
stream mp3: Near the Earth, to Touch [43 MB, 01:31:45]
stream mp3: Major Scary Monster Catcher & Sunday Morning & Farts & Exhaustion [8 MB, 00:15:35]
stream mp3: Two (and a Half) Weeks in the Life [37 MB, 01:18:44]
stream mp3: Letters to Santa & How Rodney Came to be in Iowa [5 MB, 00:08:49]
stream mp3: A Big Stupid Glory of Being Wrong All the Time [36 MB, 01:16:42]
stream mp3: Sneak! & Rodney's Story & Everything's Under Control, Situation Normal & Cheetos in a Gallon-sized Ziplock Bag [11 MB, 00:21:23]
stream mp3: The Ballad of the Lincoln Café [48 MB, 01:41:44]
stream mp3: Rain & You, Sir, Are a Dumbass & The Baby Jesus' Pompoms [7 MB, 00:13:58]
stream mp3: Nine Short Months [19 MB, 00:38:27]
stream mp3: Motorcycle & Cocoon & Whiffle & Untitled & The Best Part & Slipped the Bonds of Earth & Stains and Things & June & Cinnamon Buns and Pumpkin Pie [37 MB, 00:39:25]
stream mp3: To Become Something New [17 MB, 00:34:32]
stream mp3: August & Homecoming & A Christmas Waking [15 MB, 00:15:19]

download as a zip of 20 mp3 parts: here [447 MB, 15:04:22]

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A Whole World of Trouble'verse


stream mp3: here [54 MB, 01:19:28]
download mp3: here [54 MB, 01:19:28]
download m4b: here [22 MB, 01:19:28]

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A Whole World of Trouble
Little Things You Say and Do (backup here)
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